l'energie de la terre

The Earth is facing a time of great energy challenges, both from
climate change and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels.
Through its geothermal solution, Electerre de France is looking to contribute to efforts to ease this situation.

Like other renewable energy sources,
geothermal energy is a powerful tool
that helps build up a sustainable energy mix.

This is a continuous, renewable energy source,
causing little or no environmental pollution,
and helping us combat the greenhouse effect
and the impact of our CO2 emissions.

We can call this new energy  “Earth energy”.
It is barely used in France (for electricity production),
but it could enable us to achieve
the most perfect possible local ecosystem
using an innovative new process 
that respects the environment 
and contributes to regional development. 

Olivier Bouttes
Founding President

electerre de france